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Root Chakra Ring, Ruby & Silver Gold Plated

Root Chakra Ring, Ruby & Silver Gold Plated

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SECURITY. SURVIVAL. TRUST. Energising ruby root chakra Muladhara ring The root chakra Muladhara ring is handcrafted with gold vermeil on sterling silver and elegantly adorned with a genuine ruby, a gemstone recognised for its rejuvenating, stimulating, and energising properties. Inspired by the lotus flower, this ruby chakra ring will make a meaningful handmade jewellery gift for anyone setting out on a new journey. Located at the very centre of our being, the root chakra or Muladhara is the foundation of the seven chakra system. When it is open, Muladhara fills us with a sense of safety and security as it guides us on our spiritual journey. We feel calm, anchored, and at peace with the world.

Material: Gold vermeil on sterling silver

Stone: Faceted Ruby (0.3cm stones)

Dimensions: Chakra diameter: 1.0cm

Size: L. It is available in other sizes and in all silver to order.

 All of our stones are real so colours may vary.

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