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Spinning Firework 22ct Gold Vermeil And Enamel Necklace

Spinning Firework 22ct Gold Vermeil And Enamel Necklace

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Apres Youth's playful 22ct Gold Vermeil Firework necklace is a memorable and creative design, elegance and modern sophistication. Beyond its visual appeal, the Firework Necklace carries a symbolic representation of celebration. It encapsulates the joyous spirit of a festive moment, making it an ideal choice for commemorating milestones and special occasions.

A ruby in the heart of this pendant makes it playful and yet glamourous. Perfect for day or evening wear, this necklace is designed to inspire conversation and interest.

Play with your pendant on the go as the top spins.


This is handmade from 22k gold vermeil and enamel. They are designed to last.

Note, we can make any piece in solid gold upon request.

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