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Third Eye Chakra Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver Necklace

Third Eye Chakra Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver Necklace

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AWARENESS. INTUITION. CLARITY. Spiritual Third Eye Chakra Gemstone Pendant Necklace Our third eye chakra necklace captures the imagination with its delicate design and spiritual connection. A handmade necklace in sterling silver, beautifully embellished with genuine lapis gemstones in sapphire blue, it features a third eye chakra charm that quietly demands attention. The perfect jewellery gift for September birthdays. The third eye chakra, Ajna, is the inner eye and the centre of wisdom. It must be open and flowing for us to learn, grow, and obtain insight and intelligence that we cannot receive through the physical senses.

Material: Sterling silver (also available in gold vermeil)

Stone: Faceted lapis lazuli (0.3cm stones)

Dimensions: Adjustable length from 16" (40cm) adjustable to 17" (43cm) and 18" (45cm)

All of our stones are real so colours may vary.

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