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Throat Chakra Arizona Turquoise & Sterling Silver Ring

Throat Chakra Arizona Turquoise & Sterling Silver Ring

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EXPRESSION. COMMUNICATION. EMOTION. Healing Turquoise Throat Chakra Ring The throat chakra ring is handmade from sterling silver and beautifully embellished with healing Arizona turquoise to create an outstanding piece of chakra jewellery. A decorative addition to everyday fashions, it features delicate lotus petal detailing and a majestic sea-blue turquoise gemstone for just a hint of colour. Designed to heighten the throat chakra and encourage communication, the Vishuddha chakra ring is a remarkable piece of handmade jewellery for work, play, and everyday wear. The throat chakra, Vishuddha, is the chakra of communication and creative expression. When Vishuddha flows, one becomes a communicator, a storyteller, and a great listener.

Material: Sterling silver - available to order in 18ct gold plated and also available in a necklace to order

Stone: Arizona Turquoise (0.3cm stone)

Dimensions: Chakra diameter: 1.3cm

Size: L. It is available in other sizes to order.

All of our stones are real so colours may vary.

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